EDU-SYRIA held the Sixth Management meeting

Irbid. On November 22nd, 2018, EDU-SYRIA team held the sixth Quarterly Management meeting at Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) to discuss the Programmes’ progress.

The President of the JUST, Prof. Saeb Khreisat welcomed the president of the German Jordanian University and the Director of EDU-SYRIA Programme Prof. Dr. Manar Fayyad, and the EDU-SYRIA Management team in the presence of the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies Prof. Burhan El-Din El-Bess.

Prof. Fayyad stressed the importance of this meeting, which seeks to strengthen the cooperation between the program’s partner institutes and follow up on its progress.

From his side, Prof. Khreisat expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the programme in supporting students from Syrian refugees and host communities, and the cooperation among Jordanian universities to manage the programme.

In attendance, as members of the management team, were the EDU-SYRIA Coordinators in Partner institutes, In addition to five students representatives from JUST and LTUC.

During the meeting, the Programme manager, Dr. Dhiah Abou-Tair, briefed the team on the programmes’ progress report and the results of the past quarter.

The programme coordinators from Partner institutes: Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), Yarmouk University (YU), Zarqa University (ZU) and Luminus technical University College (LTUC), gave updates for the team on:

  • Latest statistics on the number of registered students, dropped out and expelled.
  • Number of students expected to graduate in the first semester 2018/2019
  • Academic progress of the students and average GPAs

It is worth mentioning that many of the programmes’ students have high GPA as their average of GPA’s is 80%.

During the meeting, the financial officer of the Programme, Ms. Sana Farraj reported the financial status of the programme.

At the end of the meeting, the team engaged with the students in a panel discussion, about their concerns, questions, and suggestions.