EDU-SYRIA / EDU-JORDAN Programme meet National Aid Funds

EDU-SYRIA / EDU-JORDAN Programme organized two meetings with the representatives of the Jordanian support funds, namely Tkiyet Um Ali, the Zakat Fund, the Aman Fund and the National Aid Fund, to discuss ways of developing the access of underprivileged Jordanians to the program’s scholarships for the Queen Rania Teacher Academy’s Teacher Education Professional Diploma, and facilitate the application for them

During the meeting, the Queen Rania Teacher Academy representatives presented the admission requirements for the diploma, and a discussed the challenges of they face to reach the applicants.

Moreover, the funds representatives talked about their appropriate mechanisms for communicating with their beneficiaries, as their databases include many beneficiaries who meet the conditions of the scholarships who have a strong motive for higher education. They also presented the process to nominate the scholarship applicants.

It was also agreed with them on new ways to announce the scholarships in order to reach the largest number of the targeted group, as previously the direct communication at their offices with the beneficiaries was the best way to announce the scholarships, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, visits to the funds were prevented.